Storage & Distruction

No matter what your business is, we provide storage and distribution solutions for your loads, imports and purchases.

The heart of the supply chain is the most delicate part of your distribution process.

In our warehouse the products are received and dispatched with a constant flow and are kept in optimal conditions.

We provide storage, logistics and distribution services, with a Web control of the activities.

By simply sending your merchandise to our Miami stores, we can take care of the distribution and online sales of your electronic commerce.

The address of our stores in the United States:

  • 9935 NW 88th Avenue
  • Miami, Florida 33178
  • Ph: 305.887.1955


Write to us making your query about our services of shipping cargo, storage, online purchases.

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With more than 20 years of experience offering transportation services & cargo logistics from the United States to South America.

Estados Unidos

9935 NW 88th Ave. Miami, Florida 33178

+1 305.887.1955

(591)3 388-9020


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