Information for Shipping & Merchandise Labels

Air Shipments

For Air Shipments (AIR GUIDE):

  • Name of Importer / Company.
  • Number NIT or Identity Card of the Importer.
  • Full address.
  • Telephone / Cellular No.
  • Description of the load for the air waybill.
  • Customs destination [Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz].
  • Invoices scanned.

Maritime Shipments

For Maritime Shipments (HBL):

  • Photocopy Identity Card and NIT of the Importer.
  • Address of the Importer.
  • Email.
  • General merchandise description for the HBL.
  • Invoices scanned.
  • Vendor scanned scan lists.
  • Confirm customs registration.
  • Confirm registration in ASPB, also username and password that ASPB sends to the importer when it is registered.
  • DAM (Declaration of Acquisition of Goods prepared by your customs agent).
  • SICOIN entry (Produced by your customs agent).
  • FRAVA (Advance Vehicle Registration Form) >> FOR VEHICLES ONLY.

Express Shipments

For Express Shipments (UPS, DHL):

  • Name of Importer / Company.
  • Number NIT or Identity Card of the Importer.
  • Destination full address.
  • Telephone / Cellular No.
  • Description of the load for the air waybill.
  • Destination City.
  • Invoices scanned.

UPS / DHL manages customs clearance for shipments with final invoice less than $US 1,000.

Merchandise Labels

Dear Customer: It is very important that you contact your suppliers to modify your purchase orders:

  • Use only the name of yourselves: either person or Company.
  • Never use our names (Unibol, UNB, etc).
  • Never combine your name and ours, short labels truncate long names and only the wrong one remains.
  • When there are 2 names our official places it in the wrong way in the system.

Please communicate these to your department. Purchases or acquisitions, 95% of the problems and delays that we have in the warehouse are these ill-labeled purchases, it is important to warn your people of the risks we run:

  • It is that the loads were delayed several days to correctly enter the CTS system.
  • Let them be lost permanently.
  • That are sent to the wrong destination, city, country or client.

The correct data on how your load / warehouse / purchases should be labeled, is as follows:

Name of the CLIENT or COMPANY of the Client *

9935 NW 88 Avenue

Miami, Florida 33178

(305) 887-1955

* It is important to take note of this topic, since misplacements or erroneous shipments can not be answered if there is bad labeling.

Heavy Machinery Logistics

The logistics of heavy machinery, requires more than 14 data of fundamental information in origin, to be able to estimate accurately, the costs of transport and logistics in the different sections (terrestrial-maritime-terrestrial) .. Once the client provides such data, an expert in Logistics can formally estimate the costs.

Consequently, if you have an active account with us, and you have all the necessary information, an executive could help you estimate these expenses in several hours. Otherwise, our company requires a pre-payment of $US 125.00 to dedicate the necessary hours to this project.


Write to us making your query about our services of shipping cargo, storage, online purchases.

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