Convert Units

Units Multiply Por To obtain its equivalent in
Length: Inches 2.54 Centimeters (cm)
Centimeters (cm) 0.39 Inches
Meters (m) 3.28 Feet (ft)
Feet (ft) 0.31 Meters (m)
Kilometers (km) 0.62 Miles (mi)
Miles (mi) 1.60 Kilometers (km)
Weight Libras (Lbs) 0.45359 Kilogram (kg)
Kilogram (kg) 2.20462 Libras (Lbs)
Volumen Inches Cubic (in3) 16.387064 Centimeters Cubic (cm3)
Feet Cubic (ft3) 0.028317 Meters Cubic (m3)
Centimeters Cubic (cm3) 0.06102 Meters Cubic (m3)
Meters Cubic (m3) 35.3147 Feet Cubic (ft3)


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