Cargo consolidation allows you to group multiple shipments (cargo) of one or more consignees, to be transported under a single transport document.

The benefits of performing cargo consolidation:

  • Allows two or more shipments to be integrated for the purpose of reducing transportation costs.
  • Allows organizations to grow steadily and greater competitiveness in the market.
  • Consolidation allows you to buy from several suppliers or manufacturers when it has not been possible to do so.
  • The effectiveness of consolidation costs is one of the most important benefits.
  • Cargo consolidation is the best choice among SMEs.

Consolidation allows you to unpack consolidated shipments in the same transport document or other equivalent and that are destined to different consignees, presenting each individual shipment with its respective transport document (BL son).

Personal / Business

Make the consolidation of your cargo / merchandise and choose the shipping service you need according to your needs or logistics, service: Maritime, Air and Express , which will be sent with destination to Bolivian Customs, where the consignee will carry out its management / clearing procedures, the documentary requisites for its dispatch are:

For Air dispatches (AIR GUIDE):

  • Name of Importer / Company.
  • Number NIT or Identity Card of the Importer.
  • Full address.
  • Telephone / Cellular No.
  • Description of the load for the air waybill.
  • Customs destination [Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz].
  • Invoices scanned.

For Shipping Offices (HBL):

  • Photocopy Identity Card and NIT of the Importer.
  • Address of the Importer.
  • Email.
  • General merchandise description for the HBL.
  • Invoices scanned.
  • Vendor scanned scan lists.
  • Confirm customs registration.
  • Confirm registration in ASPB, also username and password that ASPB sends to the importer when it is registered.
  • DAM (Declaration of Acquisition of Goods prepared by your customs agent).
  • SICOIN income (Produced by your customs agent).
  • FRAVA (Advance Vehicle Registration Form) > FOR VEHICLES ONLY.

For Express dispatches [DHL, UPS]:

  • Name of Importer / Company.
  • Number NIT or Identity Card of the Importer.
  • Full destination address.
  • Telephone / Cellular No.
  • Description of the load for the air waybill.
  • Destination City.
  • Invoices scanned.

UPS / DHL manages customs clearance for shipments with final invoice less than $ 1,000.

Door to Door (CCM, CCA)

You do not want to carry out customs procedures? We offer you the shipment of your freight / merchandise via Maritime and Air, with delivery to our offices in Santa Cruz. The requirements to be met are:

  • Scanned cargo / merchandise invoices.
  • Description in Spanish of cargo / merchandise.
  • Select the type of shipment: Maritime (CCM) or Aerial (CCA).

Remember: The door-to-door service consolidates multiple loads of different consignees / clients under the same management / clearance procedures, this allows to minimize costs.


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