Online shopping

To make purchases on the internet in different stores in the United States, by email you must send us the following requirements:

  • Send the link of the product you want to make the purchase.
  • Tell us the quantity of the product to buy.
  • Indicate the shipping mode you want (Air, Maritime, Express, Door to Door).

Once we have the information requested, we will send you an approximate quote, which will consist of:

  • Final purchase cost, which will be based on:
    • Cost of in-store purchase.
    • Use of card: 7% based on the final cost of the purchase (Minimum charge $ US 10.00).
  • Approximate cost of shipping.

Once the quote is approved, to initiate the process you must pay 100% of the final cost of the purchase.

The payment of the shipment will be made when the product is in customs or offices according to the selected shipping mode.

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Write to us making your query about our services of shipping cargo, storage, online purchases.

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